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About Us

The physiotherapy practice PHYSIOPRAXIS Marian, with Marian Popescu as a practice owner and physical therapist, brings in Darmstadt over 12 years of professional experience, gained from study and experience in Germany and abroad.


The practice's services are provided in cooperation with all health insurance companies in Germany (public and private) but also for self-payers.


The practice provides the following services: physiotherapy, special massage techniques, manual lymphatic drainage, treatment of neurological patients, post-operative physical treatments, etc.



The vision of the practice is to use physical therapy to make a positive contribution to a better life for its patients.



PHYSIOPRAXIS Marian has the mission to respond to the current challenges of today's world by offering a way to improve everyday life, keep our body healthy, and lead the most active life possible.

By continuously improving skills and knowledge, PHYSIOPRAXIS Marian can offer quality and innovation for all of its customers and partners.

Values ​​of PHYSIOPRAXIS Marian:

  • Easy access to appointments and flexibility

  • Partnership and trust

  • Innovation and efficiency

  • Quality and respect


The goal of PHYSIOPRAXIS Marian corresponds to the goals of the city of Darmstadt for the future in terms of digitization, e-mobility, climate-friendliness, innovation in therapy, in order to give future generations a better place to live.

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